Al Seer Trading Agencies

Al Seer Oman is a part of UAE based Al Seer Group, which is one of the largest and oldest FMCG distribution company in UAE. We have 5 operating divisions in Al Seer Oman. Some of the famous brands that we are handling are, Suntop (fruit drink), Capri Sun, Al Ain Mineral Water, Ceres Juice, Ferrero, Kinder, Nutella, Chupa Chups, Smint, Mcvities, Hershey’s, Clorox, Persil, DAC, Fa, Kiwi, Brylcreem, to name a few.

Key Manager: Mr. Hany Al Sayed
Telephone:  +96826892900
Website: Address: P O B No. 1936, Postal Code 130 , Al Harm Barka, Sultanate Of Oman
Contact Mail: